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Programs and Projects

What we do

Project Management

We provide end-to-end project management services from start to finish. Our team comprises experts in various fields who are committed to delivering excellence in every project. No matter your industry and how complex your project is, we have industry experts who can handle your project with expertise. We work closely with you as your partner to complete the projects and programs within the timeframe and budget.

Document Control

Within the document control department, KGDR’S collaborative efforts with project managers, project engineers, and drafters ensure the accurate and timely creation, processing, and closure of projects.

Throughout the project lifecycle, KGDR’S responsibilities include tasks such as managing drawing checkouts, handling new drawing requests, conducting drawing reviews (including corrections in AutoCAD as required), and coordinating package submittals. At each stage of the project (Issued For Approval (IFA), Issued For Construction (IFC), Issued For Review (IFR)), KGDR conduct audits to ensure compliance with client standards and verify that all necessary materials are in place for drawing processing and submission. KGDR maintains open communication with project managers, providing regular updates on project status and diligently working to meet project deadlines.

The various systems used by our team are Meridian and ProjectWise, and they utilize AutoCAD to work on drawings.